Gamblez - What My Eyes See [2011]

01. Intro (Prod. by Dr. G)
02. Fuel To The Fire (Prod. by Nix)
03. The Takeover (Prod. by Frantik)
04. Balance Beamz (War & Peace) ft. Frantik & LMS (Prod. by Frantik)
05. A World Without Hip-Hop (Prod. by Illbred)
06. U Wanna Hear Some More (Prod. by DJ Extremidiz)
07. Godz Handz ft. Rhetoric, Decipher & Gage-One (Prod. by Decipher)
08. 7th Temple Assassins ft. Si-Klon & DC The Truth (Prod. by The Infidel)
09. Wrekshop 2 (Prod. by DJ Extremidiz)
10. What My Eyes See ft. Omen Ra (Prod. by Dr. G)
11. Pig Destroyer ft. Frantik & Serum (Cuts By DJ Extremidiz) (Prod. by Frantik)
12. Standing Dark Doors (Interlude) (Prod. by Oz Arc Raider)
13. Need Some Sleep (Prod. by Frantik)
14. Bump This Shit (Prod. by Frantik)
15. Banned From The Bible ft. Frantik & Orion (Prod. by Orion)
16. In Your Eyes ft. Lyrical, Ayce & Frantik (Prod. by DJ Extremidiz)
17. Alone In The Dark (Prod. by Frantik)
18. Razor Sharp ft. Decipher & Frantik (Prod. by Frantik)
19. Rize & Fall (Prod. by Dr. G)
20. Se La Vi (Prod. by Frantik)
21. Changing of the Guard Sampler