Poetic Death - The Atma Within [2006]

01. Intro Written on His Epitaph
02. Windz of War ft. Vision
03. Threat To The Industry ft. Speek
04. The Real
05. The Line Up ft. Saga, Popz, Epic, and Philosophy
06. Taliban Soldier
07. Devilish ft. Saga, Epic, and Top1
08. Forgive Not Our Sins ft. Louie The Lip
09. Hell on Earth
10. The Holy Scriptures
11. Lyrical Surgery ft. Vision and Homage of UD
12. Introducing Top1 (Solo By Dj Top1 of OgT)
13. Eve of Destruction ft. Vision of UD
14. Time Travel ft. Philosophy
15. Street Light Decilple
16. Prepare (Solo By Saga of OgT)
17. Words of Wisdom
18. Won't Get It ft. Philosophy and Saga of OgT
19. Roses of My Epitaph
20. Undercover
21. Demon of a Dead Angel
22. Shared Point of View ft. Homage and Vision of UD
23. Say Goodnight To The Bad Guy