Hatchet Men - Vatican Assassins [2009]

01. Vatican Assassins (Prod. by Infidel)
02. Redemption (Prod. by STK)
03. Absolution (Prod. by 2nd Born Son)
04. Not Of This World (Crop Circles 2) (Prod. by The Specialists)
05. Kiss Of Death (Prod. by Knife Star)
06. Martial Law (Prod. by STK)
07. Never Repented (Check) Feat. Benny NoBull (Prod. by SaMiracle)
08. Attack Of The Mutants (Prod. by SaMiracle)
09. Lord Of The Flies (Prod. by Knife Star)
10. Sancta Sedes (Holy See) (Prod. by SaMiracle)
11. The Shogun Feat. Benny NoBull (Prod. by STK)
12. Anatomical Waste (Prod. by Infidel)
13. 52 Bars Of Doom Feat. 2nd Born Son (Prod. by 2nd Born Son)
14. Dog Tags (Remix) (Prod. by SaMircale)
15. Almighty (Prod. by STK)
16. Sadhana Feat. DBE (Prod. by Infidel)
17. Random Thoughts (Prod. by Knife Star)