Si-Klon - From 2004-2008 (Mixtape)

01. Eye 4 An Eye
02. Cadatonic Fortress ft. Lethal Wizdom and Righteouz Knight
03. Written on His Epitaph ft. Poetic Death, Ace and Logic
04. Ancient Passage ft. Redemption
05. Fallin' Avalanche
06. Evil In The Flesh ft. Shadow
07. Theoretical Design ft. Lethal Wizdom
08. Threefold Prophecy ft. RpM
09. Insanities Finest ft. Safardic, Shadow and Righteouz Knight
10. Open Minded Dream ft. Ronin and Psalmist2
11. The Dark Sun
12. Raw Material ft. Apostrophe, Poetic Death, and Ace
13. The Struggle
14. Galactic Enmity ft. Psalmist2
15. Crash Of Elements ft. Kaniero
16. Restrain Of Dimensions ft. Decipher
17. Words From The Hieroglyph ft. Safardic
18. Self Annihilation