Snake VS. Crane - Truth On The Table Vol.2 [2009]

01. Truth on the Table (Contribution X)
02. Red Eye Prophet (Mad Preacher)
03. Novus Ordo Seclorum (8BZA)
04. Lessons (9th Scientist)
05. Chop Ya Head Off (JusP, Graveface, IcabodHeadlessChang)
06. Espiritus Del Grial (Erks, Sharon)
07. Bronson Vs. Kersey (Caligula)
08. Green Fatigues (80 Proof a.k.a. the Illa Instinct)
09. Hollowuing (Witchcraft, Cheena Black)
10. Odio Amore E Polizia (O.L.D. Atrdalong)
11. The Venom (Strangah)
12. Blinded People (Sound Survivors)
13. Hard Boiled (Mac Blaze)
14. Put it on the Table (John the Baptist)
15. Mystic Eyes of Visions (Sinister Stricken, Warcloud)
16. Mentalist (Van Ark, OZ)