Daddy Rose - Excelsior Empire (Promo)

01. Ghetto Blues (Phaze One)
02. Yeah Yeah Yeah (Phaze One)
03. End Of The World (Phaze One)
04. Step Up (Phaze One)
05. Rose In The Ghetto (Daddy Rose)
06. Associate My Name- (Daddy Rose)
07. Not In Here (Daddy Rose)
08. Black Buterfly (Daddy Rose)
09. Black Martyr (Black Jesus)
10. Speak In Tounges (Black Jesus)
11. Get Your Weight Up (Black Jesus)
12. Money (Black Jesus)
13. The Barrio (Snakester)
14. Wanna Get Me High (Snakester)
15. Daddy O (Snakester)
16. Something (Snakester)
17. Website (Promo)