Sick Since - Sick Symphonies [2009]

01. Welcome To The Underground
02. Talez of the Sick
03. Return of the Gods
04. Death Race (Feat. Hitfarmers)
05. Alien Alliance (Feat. Presto)
06. Hellz Symphony (Feat. Vendetta Kings)
07. Warriors (Feat. Rook Da Rukus, Vega X & Killah Dark)
08. Gaint Kings (Feat. Double Negative)
09. Modern Day Scholars (Feat. Sub-Con5cience)
10. Imagine That (Feat. Be-One)
11. Free Astral
12. Mind Over Matter (Feat. Presto)
13. War Thoughts (Feat. Chi-Lo)
14. Rebel-Lion (Feat. Rook Da Rukus)
15. Awaken The Mind (Feat. Ill-Mega & Jon Murdock)
16. Classified
17. Get Your Head Right (Feat. IQ Da Wiseman)
18. Keeping This Thing Alive (Feat. Wyze Minds)
19. War Chant (Feat. Rook Da Rukus & K-Sess)
20. The Sword (Feat. Rook Da Rukus)
21. Devils Advocate (Feat. Sub-Con5cience)
22. Sacred Sickness