Iron Fingaz - The Revenge Of The Iron Fingaz Part 2

01. Intro
02. Sweet Revenge
03. Blood on the Walls
04. Iron Chain Fighter [featuring Illy Vas]
05. Rage Against the Machine
06. Triumphant Gladiators (featuring Retalliation)
07. Collapsing Structures
08. Solitary Enhancement
09. Iron Beat Snippet
10. Do You Feel the Iron
11. Fragile Shells Shattered
12. The Yin Conversation [SKIT] [featuring Illy Vas]
13. The Invasion [featuring Illy Vas]
14. Mental Enzymes [featuring Illy Vas]
15. Under Surveillance [featuring General Body & Illy Vas]
16. The Pen's Fury
17. It Must Be Iron
18. Invisible Chains of Torture [featuring Retalliation & Righteous Word]
19. Scriptural Artifacts [featuring Illy Vas]
20. Stone Temple Nations [featuring Retalliation & Golden Child]
21. Inescapable Horror
22. Vitamin Water [featuring Retalliation]
23. Rhyme Rehearsal [SKIT] [featuring Illy Vas]
24. A Flow of Vengeance
25. The Acts of Scribbled Hands [featuring Retalliation & Illy Vas]
26. He Don't Really Love You [SKIT]
27. The Treason of My Love
28. Bloody Mirrors of Cold [featuring Illy Vas]