Iron Fingaz - Meridian Articles: Prelude to the Gem [2008]

01. Introduction/Malachi the Great
02. The Overture
03. Buried Alive
04. Noble Takeover [featuring Illy Vas, Retalliation, & Supreme Killz]
05. Principles of Art
06. Gem Stone
07. Dart Practice [featuring Illy Vas] [Produced by Illy Vas]
08. You Don't Know My Name
09. Don't Cry
10. Vibrant Visions
11. Rainy Dayz [featuring Illy Vas]
12. Steel Cartridge [Produced by Illy Vas]
13. Advancing Armies [featuring Illy Vas & Supreme Killz]
14. Yin Garments [featuring Illy Vas] [Produced by Illy Vas]
15. Pay Homage [Produced by Illy Vas]
16. Leaves from Satan's Book [Produced by Illy Vas]
17. Judas Shareholders [Produced by Iron Fingaz]
18. Harsh Winds [featuring Supreme Killz, Kevlaar 7, Crucial the Guillotine, Illy Vas, & Kaotny]
19. Jewels to the Mind
20. Stone Tablets [featuring Supreme Killz & Illy Vas]
21. Noble Offspring
22. I Got Jewels On It [featuring Illy Vas]
23. Establishment [Produced by Illy Vas]
24. 99 Cycling Swords [Produced by Illy Vas]